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Full Warranty Options for your Ferrari

The Ferrari brand has long been synonymous with performance, thanks to the superior power, handling and cutting-edge technologies offered by its cars. Owning a Ferrari is a special experience for a unique and privileged few, and comes with the solace that all new Ferrari vehicles are covered with a three year, unlimited mileage, full bumper-to-bumper warranty.

This warranty can be extended into the 4th and 5th year Extended Coverage Plus Program, which can be purchased: when you buy the car, during the original three year warranty, or within 30 days after the original warranties expiration. Ferrari also offers the optional New Power Extended Warranty program to provide customers desiring vehicle protection beyond the standard warranty for up to twelve years. Visit us today to learn more about this warranty and have the protection, security and peace of mind knowing your Ferrari is covered.

New Power Warranty Features:

  • New Power is a factory Ferrari warranty
  • Roadside assistance is included with this warranty
  • New power is applied to the vehicle, not the owner and is fully transferable.
  • Available for vehicles up to 12 years of age.

*Coverage does not cover faults deriving from or related to normal wear and tear, and is restricted to the following components:


  • Engine crankcase and all internal components
  • Cylinder head(s) and valvetrain
  • Oil radiator(s)
  • Head gasket(s)
  • Oil sump and oil pump
  • variable valve timing adjusters
  • solenoid valves (oil seals and oil leaks are excluded)

Ignition / Injection:

  • Oxygen sensors
  • Secondary air system (secondary air pump and valves only)
  • Ionising ECU

F1/Mechanical Gearbox:

  • Gearbox casing and differential housing(s), including all internal components (E-diff control and hydraulic part excluded)
  • F1: Power Unit, electric pump, valves, actuator, ECU, selected and engaged gear sensor (oil seals and oil leaks are excluded)

DCT Gearbox:

  • Gearbox including all internal components
  • ECU (oil seals and oil leaks are excluded)

Suspension and Steering:

  • Complete steering box
  • Power steering pump (excluding drive belts)
  • ECU for controls on steering wheel
  • Suspension arm joints
  • Toe-in tie-rod (oil seals and oil leaks are excluded)

Power Transmission Unit:

  • PTU: including all internal components
  • ECU (oil seals and oil leaks are excluded)

Cooling System:

  • Water pump
  • Fans (leaks are excluded)

Air Conditioning/Heating:

  • AC system control devices
  • AC compressor and AC system ECU

Electrical System:

  • Alternator
  • Starter Motor
  • Ignition coil, engine ECU
  • Crankshaft sensor, camshaft sensor
  • Power window motors

Fuel and Induction System:

  • Injectors
  • Throttle bodies
  • Air flow sensor
  • Intake manifold
  • Pressure regulator
  • Temperature sensors
  • Fuel pipes
  • Fuel pumps


  • RHT roof function (wear, bodywork and paint defects, seals and water infiltration are excluded)

Brake System:

  • Hydraulic brake pump
  • Brake pressure regulator and servo